Wednesday 15 August 2018
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The Myth of Gaia – Our Story in 50,000 Years

What would humans 50,000 years from now be like? Would they have advanced to the point where they have forgotten their roots? Bringing this scientific question to public consciousness, Dr. J, a Canadian scientist and academic seeks to create a sci-fi tale that is compelling in its vision. Dr. J’s scientific endeavor is entitled “The Myth of Gaia.”

This is one of 9 science fiction novels he has composed. He seeks to convert each of these into scientific educational videos using stock footage, animation and graphics. The sci-fi video book and novel is to be ready for publication once adequate funds for the project are generated on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. He has worked as a researcher, pharmaceutical consultant and professor, among other occupations. But the passion for science has been the defining core of all of Dr. J’s endeavors.

A PhD from BYU Utah in the United States, Dr. J firmly believes science is the essence of civilization. His compelling sci-fi classic “The Myth of Gaia” seeks to understand man’s search for his roots, 50,000 years into the future, through the medium of a professor and his daughter as they trace human evolution to Gaia. Help this passionate Canadian scientist turn a sci-fi tale into an educative, immersive experience for young viewers.
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