Tuesday 17 July 2018
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The Hope In Strength

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This story shows how perception can change a person’s life, be it for the good or the bad.

The Story

A man meets the love of his life which forces him to relive a childhood trauma. He now has to stare his demon in the face in order to truly move forward in his life. This film will be a testimony of every person’s story because we all have our demon’s that we fight daily. Let’s share our story.

Amos is a well-mannered, educated man with his own business, or so he believes. With an imprint of the trauma he experienced as a child, Amos tries to live on through his present days. He believes he has a “good” life until his encounters with a young woman bring about emotions within himself that make him question what is truly real in his life.

Often people are quick to judge and call someone crazy because they don’t take the time to try to understand what the other may have gone through. A bad childhood, a bad month, or even a bad day could all change a person’s outlook easily. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a term that has been met with both acceptance and resistance of the masses since its birth. And why is that? Is it because, we are afraid to learn that beneath this psychological disorder is just a human being that was one experience away from being “normal” or is it that we just want to choose to remain ignorant to other people’s issues because they don’t affect us directly? This is the question I asked myself as an exercise on empathy before I sat down and wrote this story.


Jamal Henderson (Actor-Writer-Producer) is originally born in Washington D.C however, raised in Bridgeport, West Virginia. A late bloomer, he doesn’t begin to pursue a career in acting until summer of 2014, only months after he moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of modeling.

He has experienced his first lead role in a short film and ever since he hasn’t looked back. Realizing his innate love for storytelling, he sought to create his own work to express the many events he has experienced in his life in ways that may seem contradictory to his own life. The Hope In Strength is the first project he has written and will be the seed into the development of more films.

Hassan Galedary (Director) is an amazing human being with a passion for the arts. He has directed several music videos and films while also spending time writing his own work as well as acting. His vision for seeing the beauty in distortion and talent for getting the right moods for the scene is perfect for what The Hope In Strength aims to express to the audience.

John Frost (Director of Photography) is a member of the International Cinematographers Guild. His body of work includes projects ranging from small budget music videos to big budget feature films. His extensive knowledge of cinematography and talent for being able to take a vague description of mood and add the physicality of what is needed to bring that life to the camera is priceless to The Hope In Strength.


Talented actress Jacquelyn Doggette will be portraying the role of Ashia in The Hope In Strength.

Jamal Henderson has started a crowdfunding campaign with a goal of raising $6,000 to bring the The Hope In Strength to life!

You’ve read this far. You’re ready to support. THANK YOU! But everyone loves perks. Take a look at what they have got to offer!

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