Tuesday 17 July 2018
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When CEO Ron Harris and his team comprising production specialists Jason and Erik Davila and sales manager Neff Torris sought a product that could cure hangovers, the HANGONATOR was born. This 100% natural, bio frequency hangover cure is based on the ability to impact the body’s bio-resonance and subharmonic bio frequencies, programming the body to act in certain ways to boost the immunity and prevent a hangover after alcohol consumption.

Now bid farewell to headaches, nausea, light sensitivity, muscle pain, anxiety, rapid heart beat and all the other symptoms of a hangover using this perfectly natural cure. The HANGONATOR is not a medicine or a vitamin with side effects. It offers the best benefits without altering your lifestyle or impacting the quality of life.

Enjoy parties and gatherings without worrying about the hangover the morning after, thanks to this perfectly natural cure which impacts and programs the body to resist the adverse effects of alcohol consumption. Help HANGONATOR reach its production and distribution targets by chipping in on Indiegogo, where the team is holding a crowdfunding campaign for this innovative project.
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