Wednesday 18 July 2018
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The Flagship Grill Pan – Healthier Than Ever!

Impress everybody with chef-like cooking in minutes & effortlessly. Let the Flagship do the work!

The Flagship Grill Pan is patents-pending totally re-imagined cast iron pan; it embodies a reflection of our evolving life style and eating habits in a one of a kind cooking tool that guaranties healthier and tastier food! If you don’t have cast iron cookware it’s a must in any kitchen and if you already have a cast iron skillet the Flagship Grill Pan is a great addition.

Easy-flow Fat Drainage system is combined with high-capacity reservoirs to remove and keep fat and grease outside of the grill’s cooking area, providing a much healthier lower-cholesterol meal. The Flagship Grill Pan is made from ecologically clean cast iron and pre-seasoned with pure organic vegetable oil.

We are excited to introduce the upgraded Flagship Grill with its fundamentally new concept of exchangeable grilling inserts with different grill-mark designs. Spice up your food and entertain your friends and kids with funny grill marks. Vote on proposed elements or suggest you own. At least 5 additional inserts will be produced based on our backer’s recommendations in our campaign-end survey.

The Flagship Grill Pan is the only indoor kitchen tool that creates the full effect of outdoor grilling. The food retains more flavor, becomes crispier and tastes better due to the Flagship Grill Pan’s patent-pending dry heat surface. Extra moisture is drained from the grilling area to minimize evaporation and food sagging while preserving the higher heat radiation. The Flagship Grill enables everyone to enjoy an open-fire quality barbeque, in any weather, anywhere, and with little effort.
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