Wednesday 18 July 2018
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The Duchess of Cancun

The Duchess of Cancun is the first feature film produced by Helix Reel Entertainment. It was shot on location in Cancun, Mexico, during a 9 day span. In this film Chris agrees to go on vacation with his unrequited love Brooklyn, believing things will develop, but unaware that her hard partying hides a dark secret.

The team at Helix Reel Entertainment, a group of skilled craftsmen who adore making movies, had the advantage of shooting in Cancun, Mexico, with an astounding nearby creation group, Riviera Maya Films, the previous winter. Subsequent to wrapping up creation last winter, they now need to begin the group subsidizing effort, as it was said in the video, because they are coming up to budgetary imperatives in after generation. The D.O.P., Tien Ta, shot delightful film here and there in the Yucatan. Consequently, the company thought it would bode well to present potential patrons a show reel of their recording with the end goal in mind to construct trust. “The Duchess of Cancun”

Likewise, remembering the extraordinary experience they had with the Mexican-conceived team and on-screen characters who helped them shoot their film, they also now need to convey consideration regarding the emergency occurring in the United States by raising cash for MALDEF – an association which lawfully protects battling families who are fighting back against mass expelling. The company is to raise $30,000. MALDEF will receive 10% of whatever they raise. Truthfully the budget for “The Duchess of Cancun” is far beyond that amount but $30,000 felt like a good place to land.
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