Tuesday 17 July 2018
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The Crossover Xperience

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Follow Japanese high school basketball star Kanna Suzuki as she ventures to USA, living with family of former pro player, Jerone Dodd.

Welcome to the Crossover Xperience documentary series.  Volume 1 chronicles Kanna Suzuki’s life and her trek to Atlanta, GA in 2012 along with her development since.  The Crossover Xperience is an exchange program of UBA Reason Foundation, INC (NPO) that was born out of the apparent need of more mediums to promote global exchange through the activities of sports, arts, education and technology. We believe that as the world continues to globalize, there is a real need for a more global perspective and the youth of today hold the keys of leadership for tomorrow.

The Crossover Xperience has its roots in exchange between the Americas and Asia, and has expanded to Europe and Africa as well. Everyone is not the same, but everyone deserves a chance to express their human nature and the areas of concern (sports, arts, education and technology) provide the common ground for all to engage and have the chance to learn about different cultures and people while appreciating the differences. The Crossover Xperience strives to create a positive and lasting imprint that will help shape a world of maturity and respect for all.


About Kanna Suzuki

Kanna ‘Zoom’ Suzuki, a senior high school student at Brandon Hall School, is originally from Hamamatsu, Shizuoka in Japan.  Kanna is a natural talent and progressive learner who has excelled in most all she has undertaken.  This includes playing the piano, winning the Shizuoka calligraphy contest amongst 3,000 student competitors and now playing as a GISA All-State player.  Kanna’s youger sister Hina, is also a basketball talent who was chosen to attend one of the top high schools for basketball in Japan (Osaka).  Serious, funny, sincere and unassuming, Kanna is poised to make a significant impression on the world by learning English and crossing over to the United States.  visit site

About Jerone Dodd Jr

Jerone Dodd Jr has been an entrepreneur and a small business consultant since 2005. He has over 10 years of experience in sports management, apparel merchandising and business consultation.  Jerone played professional basketball in Japan for 8 years with the Tokyo Apache, Saitama Broncos and Renova Kagoshima.  As one of the original members and CEO of Universal Phoenix Group, Jerone has quickly built a diverse portfolio in the verticals of entertainment, athletics, technology and education.  Mr. Dodd, a philanthropist at heart, has always contemplated how he could help change the world for better and therefore founded UBA Reason Foundation, INC, a nonprofit organization boasting programs from international cultural exchange to impacting disadvantaged youth via educational initiatives.


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