Wednesday 18 July 2018
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The Conspiracy – Conspiracy – Postproduction

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“The Conspiracy – Conspiracy” is an action / thriller short film by director Alexander Bald Empire


A former agent of the secret organization “Cell Force”, Adam Fisher investigates the death of his daughter, Laura Fisher.

Information that he collects suggests a possible conspiracy of his former colleagues against him.

This conspiracy is later revealed to have rescued his daughter


In one unknown device is interrogated Ivan Coste, who tells the story.

Adam Fisher is a former agent of the secret organization “Cell Force”. He is an expert of the Israeli combat hand-to-hand system Krav Maga. He does his work primarily alone, as well as the current investigation, the death of his daughter, Laura Fisher.

Collected informations lead us into an unknown town. One fine evening, when A. Fisher is sitting in a café, he is contacted by his good old friend Kim, whom he already knows from the organization, where she worked with A. Fisher.

More or less, A. Fisher decides to cooperate with Kim.

All alone he disposed a gang led by Andrei Gramkos, which he also quizzes. He gets from him that his daughter had killed Jack Kobin, who is currently located in the city castle. Without further ado A. Fisher, is also going there.

Shortly after his arrival are heads falling. From the garden he easily gets into the inner part of the castle.

Guards, which are located inside are disposed of and he retains the target – Jack Kobin.

The only information that A. Fisher gets from him is that he got a photo and should find an appropriate corps for it. The interogation ends because at that moment rushes a special unit into the room which catches A. Fisher.

Adam Fisher wakes up tied to a chair in one unknown room. Opposite stands Kobin and a little farther surprisingly Kim who stands after a minute alone with one guard and Fisher, with the help of the guard she should first hear out Fisher and then get rid of him. But this will never happen. Fisher is liberated and learns that Kim plays a dual role, and his daughter is not dead.

Before his death Ethan Lambert, Fisher’s good friend and former commander of the unit, had to take care that nothing would happen to her, in case that his daughter had become a target, how to disarm A. Fisher.

His daughter Laura is according to the information saved, but that is not enough for A. Fisher and because Kim doesn´t want to help him, he decides to find her alone.

About Project Creator:

Alexander Baldreich

Producer, Writer, Director

Born on 11.09.1990 in Krems an der Donau, bilingually educated since the birth, currently resides in Leopoldsdorf bei Wien.

Since 2004 he began at actively seek the film world to be interested. The first amateur short films followed thereupon. In 2009, after more than two years of work in addition to his education at Oberstufenrealgymnasium the school association “Komensky” in Vienna, was his 90-minute amateur film “Deadly friendships” finished.
In 2012 he made the degree in directing and producing at the Higher Technical School Zlín film in the Czech Republic. He was informed by the producer Viktor Mayer and the director Roman Vávra. Since 2012 other artistic activities; Photography and drama.


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