Wednesday 18 July 2018
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The centuries-old olive trees of Crete

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Manolis Tsantakis is a photographer from Greece. His favorite theme is the ancient olive trees with huge, extraordinary trunks, shaped like living sculptures, which have always been of great interest, to artists in particular.

The island of Crete is one of the few remaining places in the world where one can still come across millennia-old olive trees both singularly scattered and entire olive groves of them – and the only place with the world’s oldest olive trees, resonant vestiges of the long-gone Minoan civilization.. Not only are these ancient trees alive, they are still productive, offering people their invaluable gift over thousands of years.

But then human numbness and covetousness has prompted to the incomprehensible removing of these trees and the planting of new ones in their place, in the trust of a more plentiful yield. Different foundations for their removing incorporate open works, street development, logging for kindling, even their advertising abroad.

The objective of the photographer is to record the whole research in a photographic collection, with the expectation that the data included will urge more individuals to stir to the social and verifiable estimation of those antiquated olive trees, so that both regular people and the experts might be spurred towards their security.

The distribution will incorporate photographic material of old, now surrendered olive press plants and furthermore pictures from the gathering of olives in cutting edge olive forests, and additionally from the way toward squeezing and creation of olive oil in present day production lines, joined by educational messages and subtitles.
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