Tuesday 14 August 2018
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The Book of WHY

Asking the right question could be just the clue you need to lead a successful life. Helping people worldwide to become the best they can be, thought leader and TEDx speaker Corey Poirier is devoted to giving inner growth a new meaning. His book “The Book of Why(And How)” will be out soon. It covers interviews and interactions with 4,000 of the world’s most successful leaders. Get direct quotes and insights from these super-achievers and join in by donating for Corey’s awesome book on Kickstarter. Corey seeks CA$6,000 on Kickstarter to bring this amazing piece of work to a global audience.

A famous radio show host and two-time participants of the Entrepreneur on Fire show, Corey is also a columnist with Entrepreneur and Forbes. He is also a founder of The Speaking Program and has been featured on multiple TV channels. Passionate about yoga and ocial causes and empowering others, Corey has devoted his life to helping those around him discover their “Why” and tackle it.

Corey is a committed Dad to his son Sebastian and caring mate to his partner Shelly. He is also a Rock Recording of the Year Nominee and a multiple bestselling author. Corey has so much to share with an audience out there. Help him to connect, by supporting this awesome book. Corey offers anyone donating CA$18 or above the chance to connect with him and other amazing entrepreneurs on Facebook, besides a slew of bonuses including a Q&A session with James Redfield.
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