Wednesday 25 April 2018
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Terlambat is horror short movie made by 3 highschool student from Indonesia.

Terlambat is a horror shortmovie. It was my first short movie “TERLMBAT” it means Late. This movie was made for FLS2N (Highschool art competition on Indonesia). After a few month, i have idea to remake the film. With new Storyline and longer duration. But to make it happen, i need money to buy some equipment, etc.

My name Adith Rahardian born 5 September 2000 in Bandung. Still in school at 25 Highschool in Bandung, Indonesia. A young creators, have a passion in Film.This creation is a short film titled Too late. Duration of 5 minutes of this film originally made for FLS2N (National Students Art Competition Festival) in 2016. But unfortunately this film does not maraih any pernghargaan. Then a few months later I think to make it back with a slightly longer duration (15-30 minutes).
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