Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Tall Tales Yoga: Books, Audiobooks, and Kid’s Yoga Program

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We are here to provide a head start on health, wellness and self-awareness through the age-old traditions of yoga and storytelling.


Tall Tales Yoga was formed from our founder, Levi Andrew Noe’s, three greatest passions: teaching, yoga, and storytelling. Nearly five years in the making, Tall Tales started as little more than a fanciful idea, but has become a viable program and business over time.

It’s been a long journey for Levi. Over 8 years of teaching, a trip around the world, yoga certification in India, years of writing, years of perfecting the program, business classes, creating the e-books and audiobooks, building a  platform for Tall Tales, etc. These are the things every entrepreneur or person trying to bring their visions to life goes through. But now, we feel we are finally at a crucial point in the growth of Tall Tales Yoga. This is the moment when all the years have added up to form the real business and vision that Levi has kept in his mind for so long.

Tall Tales Yoga is ready to scale and we just need a little boost to get there. Our largest expenses to date have been or will be: the building of our website, creating a marketing campaign, and publishing the first print of our Tall Tales Yoga Stories. In addition, we want to be able to provide our products and services to under-served, under-funded schools. Our goal of $5,500 is the minimum we need to kickstart our future plans. With your support we can continue to build the program through Denver and the surrounding areas, as well as putting our books, e-books and audiobooks into the hands of children, families and institutions everywhere.

As little or as much as you can give will take us one step closer to our goals, our vision, and our future impact on kids everywhere. But no great kindness goes unrewarded, so make sure and check out the rewards we offer.


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 dsc8969.originalLevi Noe

Thanks for taking the time and interest to learn a little bit more about Tall Tales Yoga. This program is built from a foundation of my three greatest passions: teaching, yoga and storytelling. This is the story of how it came about. Read more

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