Monday 25 June 2018
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Taking my e-commerce website to the next level

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Introducing Selling the best authentic sounds for the past decade. Now Trying to take it to the next level. 

We are a group of friends who has been on e-commerce for over a decade now. We have been selling a lot of stuff on the internet but beatrockx has been our main focus for a long time. We have never been able to really get going with our site as neither of us are financially stable to do so. However we have sold many products up to date using social media and FB advertising, but when we heard about Kickstarter and how they have helped many young people like us to fulfill their dreams, we thought about giving it a try. So basically what we want to do is to be the number one seller of top quality headphones, blue-tooth speakers and our gaming headphones.

To do that we think we need two things. at the moment we are drop shipping and we would like to buy inventory for ourselves as we could get at better prices and in return give better pries to our clients. second advertising budget, at the moment we advertise like one product a week and that not enough to get more exposure.

So if we can get the target price we have set that would allow us to get some start up inventory and advertising budget. So we would ask you nice people to help this bunch of guys who are trying hard to make an impression to get to our target. We would appreciate all your time and contributions.

About Project creator:

Ishiya Isack

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I am a stay at home mom happily married with 3 kids, I have been into e-commerce and webdesign for a long time now and has been in the business of creating, developing and selling websites.

I do have some help from my friends who I have known for sometime now and we each take care of sections of developing a website. I am from USA, New York.


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