Thursday 16 August 2018
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Silvia Sodano and Francesca Litrico are not your average fashion bloggers. Inspiring trends, capturing creativity and pushing the boundaries of fashion and style, Silvia and Francesca are united by their passion for fashion. Now, the two young Italian fashion bloggers want to attend the NY Fashion Week. Help them to attain their dream to reach the Big Apple by supporting them on Kickstarter, where they are running a crowdfunding campaign.

Silvia’s blog THE SUGAR RAIN talks of her addiction to fashion, much like sugar rush. She also writes on fitness and food, two other topics the blogger is passionate about. She has 49K followers on Instagram. Francesca runs the Don Giovanni Torini Atelier line for business shirts and suits for men, apart from penning her own fashion blog 2BEFAB which is  an online sensation.

She also has 33.4K Instagram followers. Both young, vivacious and lively bloggers want to make a style statement that resounds and resonates with fashion gurus at the NY event. Making it there will give the bloggers a chance to connect with fashion experts and the press, besides staying in touch with the latest trends. Help these stylish and chic bloggers make it to NY. 
If you want to support this project, Check out the KICKSTARTER link  below:

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