Wednesday 26 April 2017
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Tables yes – Create your own tables, Custom Shapes… Non-Rectangular!

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Chassis design manufacturing original fabric covered / blank tables to measure. Destination painters, art schools, etc.

Since the early days of painting, the paintings we admire are all square or rectangular…! Why? Setting aside the legacy of academic conventions and practicality of such geometries…

Absolutely nothing, artistically justified the absence of other forms for tables.

They are launching DMD artdesign: a start-up that conceptionne and manufactures original paintings of all sizes and shapes, but … not rectangular!

DMD Artdesign is a start-up specializing in the art materials industry. They model and produce originally mounted chassis. Non-rectangular blank tables and customized. A form inspires you? Do you want a custom design? They realize for you the pictures of your dreams.


In addition to this first activity they host exhibitions where works are painted once shown to a wider public. The painters can thus present their paintings and their concept is diffused by suggesting other uses. They are halfway digital (modeling CAD, CAM, 3D digital cutting) and crafts (manual woodworking, tensioned canvas). Their products and services are intended for painters, amateur or professional, paint schools, training of Fine Arts and finally creative arts shops.


Alban Delume (Project creator) an art lover for many years who decided to completely change his career. Alban says “I used to work in retail and said no more when I asked myself: “Why all the canvas and paintings we admire are rectangular? Standard? The only reasons are academic and for commodity, but artistically speaking: nothing! Canvas should also be weird shapre, sur-mesure, specific to a painter, or to a style… I built first canvas manually, by my own and proposed these to painters I knew. As there was quickly a high satisfaction and will, I kept manufacturing new canvas… Till the start-up!

I am a technologies addict, I master many software of design and numerical drawing, and I run a CNC machine in 3D milling to cut the panel of wood for my canvas. Moreover, I have an artcraft dimension: tighting the canvas on the châssis, handle and prepare the wood: those are craft!”

The goal is to propose and to sponsorize a new way of painting: the painting on sur-mesrue canvas. Stop the standard canvas you’ve been looking at fot a way too long. The canvas is not only a support, the canvas is now a specific element of the creative piece.

In the creator’s own words: To cut wood and make beautiful paintings, I needed an industrial milling machine. In other words a CNC machine or CNC. As a maker rather than buy one, I have made with the help of two skilled colleagues in this field. It is an imposing machine 2m by 2m which emerged several months ago now, thanks to 3D printing and our fablab. Long live the DIY!

From boards or blocks of wood so I cut digitally frames of all shapes, with gaps or holes in them, in the form of logos, sihouettes, wacky, mixed, etc. Thus the artists to whom I address me, can control the shapes they desire to resonate painting they imagine, with unique paintings that I prepare them.

The chassis once cut, I rework the wood by hand to prepare the tensioning phase of the canvas. Cotton, linen or polyester canvases are stretched by craftsmen, once, then a second time if necessary and lead to finished products!

tablet-2 tablet-1

Alban has started a crowdfunding campaign with a goal of raising € 6,000. The fund raised will be used for the following expenses: To Purchase a wooden board and to buy paintings rolls.

Backers have several prize tiers and categories to choose from, but you’ve got to be quick!
For more information, please visit DMD Artdesign’s campaign page:

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