Tuesday 14 August 2018
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Suzie Mac Music & Meds

Suzie Mac has a mission and it is to help others. The popular singer and songstressbased out of her home in Cornwall and London, recently created an album “WinterSolace” for financing and helping the elderly and homeless. But Suzie has, for the pastone year, being struggling with so many challenges, on the medical front. A year back,she suffered anaphylactic shock after a peanut allergy. While NHS doctors could notdiagnose her condition, it progressively worsened and now includes severe memoryloss, paralysis, pain, extreme exhaustion and breathlessness. About a month back, shesuffered an airborne reaction on account of her peanut allergy and now takes 5-6 B12injections per week to sustain her life.

Now both sides of her body have severe symptoms such as paralytic attacks. Suzie has aheart of gold and rare musical genius that caught the eye of Ian Dench, of EMF fameand venues such as Tate Modern. But cruelly, the turning point in her musical careercoincided with these medical problems. Doctors from the States have diagnosed hercondition as a rare autoimmune condition extreme allergy sufferers experience. Sheneeds your support. Be a bridge of hope for Suzie and her band, who need the fundsfor her medical treatment, and reviving her music career (Suzie has been unable toperform gigs on account of extreme exhaustion). The singer with a big heart needsyour help. Donate on Crowdfunding UK today and help Suzie get her health andmusical career back on track.
Have a look at the CROWDFUNDER UK link below:

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