Saturday 18 August 2018
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Support Because Health Matters

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star-1 is a new health platform created to share knowledge, experience, and relevant material amongst health care providers in the alternative medicine sector. The purpose is for this health knowledge base to grow and with help and support it can. To reach the goal of $30,000 needs the help and support of not only health care providers, but from people that receive health services. What better way to assist medical and health staff and providers than to help them learn as much as possible, anytime and anywhere. would be beneficial to the public everywhere. You can show your support by making a financial monetary donation towards the project and by sharing information about and how it works.

star-2 offers all of its benefactors and contributors a Special Edition t-shirt or hoodie to show their appreciation for supporting the growth of the platform and database. Not only does plan to assist health care professionals and workers, it is also going to be used by other professionals and by anyone as well as the application continues to grow through the support and funding of its benefactors. Connecting workgroups using this database will connect information, records, and knowledge.

Created to share knowledge, because knowledge matters.
For more information, please visit Indiegogo page:

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