Sunday 22 July 2018
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It’s time for the world to harness the power of natural medicine and holistic healing, and you can be a part of that!

Juju Marketplace is a magical arts and crafts market designed to connect Juju priests (sellers) to people with magical needs (buyers) worldwide. Juju is what you feel around you when you feel helpless with nobody to turn to. Juju Marketplace is justice when the law and people fail you. Juju is magic. It’s an art form. Some even say it’s a religion. Juju is what you feel every day around you. Juju has been around since the dawn of time. It’s something inside every man and woman on earth.

Juju Market Place LLC is currently a Wyoming Registered company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hathrup Capital Funding. Over the years, Juju has grown to be more than an online store. They have launched the “free enterprise” Juju consulting portal seller app as the first of its kind, listed on Google Play Store for Android devices, to facilitate leads for sellers and buyers in the juju niche market. The use of the device has led to over one thousand downloads to date, challenging Juju Market to introduce a more sophisticated marketing system.

It supports people in countries and cities where juju is practiced for good and not evil, is not only commendable, but entrepreneurial as a form of giving financial opportunities to people less fortunate and thereby allowing growth and success for many.


Henry C Nnorom (Project creator) is a serial entrepreneur, an outspoken advocate for the oppressed. Henry is the founder of and He is also known as a fast and innovative businessman a closer that is result orientated. Henry Nnorom holds a B.B.A. in Finance from Kennesaw State University, and is a certified Nissan, Dodge and Ford sales person. He also holds several awards and certificates. Monster diversity leadership program (2005) and AutoNation University (2003).

In Henry’s world, attention to detail is of the essence…  Henry joined the US Army National Guard with aim to improve his leadership abilities,

Fine tune his political ambitions and help defend his country from enemies foreign and domestic. Hathrup Consulting and Hathrup Capital  includes strategy and implementation for business planning,  corporate and product marketing, Project financing, product management, strategic relationships,  positioning and pricing analysis, launches, customer research and technical product specification.

As Juju Market has grown over the past year, so has its fan base, including those who have hoped for the opening of branch outlets in different cities and countries.

In the creator’s own words: While seeking out an alternative solution to my father’s disease, I interviewed the most successful, notable and innovators leaders of our time. Many of them have been deeply impacted by Juju’s energetic powers.

Today, you have the opportunity to put Juju Market to work word wide. In supporting this project, you will be among the first to benefit from our magical arts and craft market and you will be helping to spread Good Juju beliefs around the globe.

Henry Nnorom has started a crowdfunding campaign with a goal of raising $100,000. The fund raised will be used to open branch outlets in Texas, South Africa and Ghana. The opportunity to build a business platform, expand and nurture the relationship between makers and buyers is reliant on being able to upgrade continually, and source products and market.

Juju isn’t just about magic. It’s about healing- the body, the mind, the soul. Take a step back and envision a world without stigmatization, without relying on radiation for cancer, or without the injection of one virus to fight another virus. Juju holds the key to an alternative medicine that has existed since the beginning of time but people still hold traditional medicine on a pedestal- despite its ineffectiveness!

Backers have several prize tiers and categories to choose from, but you’ve got to be quick!

Thank you so much for any help you’re able to give. And please forward this campaign to anyone you think may be interested and willing to help.
Have a look at the Indiegogo link below for more information:

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