Sunday 24 June 2018
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SportsUp Program

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A practical but innovative program that aims to lift Liberians from poverty through education.




Not everyone can learn in a traditional classroom, and one environment to which many young Liberians gravitate is the ever-expanding soccer community. Because of the sport’s given supportive atmosphere, team dynamics and physicality, we developed a program that would use those very same characteristics to help disengaged youth get back on track. By utilizing sports along with curricula loaded on tablets, learning could be transformed into something enjoyable, relevant and practical. And we want to do it with YOU.

We believe this SportsUP program will redefine lives because…

  • It empowers the beneficiaries and engages communities we are working with in Liberia
  • Passionate soccer fans/supporters exist across Liberia
  • Similar hybrid learning model has been proven elsewhere
  • It is community-driven, and instantly creates visible impacts
  • It is cost-effective, a service-learning approach, and sustainable



Of course, the program is more than just a means of getting education to disadvantaged children. It can also provide an education for those that never got the opportunity, but are willing to learn. By working collaboratively with local communities, the initiative will empower its students, their community and combat major issues like truancy and disengagement. 

In addition to regular classwork, participants in SportsUp will benefit from lessons and internships designed to teach practical skills such as carpentry, mechanical engineering and public speaking. By including opportunities for vocation-based learning, YesLiberia creates an outlet for students to apply the skills and knowledge acquired through regular classes. The practical application of their lessons, in turn, helps develop a well-rounded individual capable of applying themselves in a range of tasks and environments. To learn more, please visit our website’s SportsUp Program page.


Slated to launch in June 2016, the program is gaining momentum. With the help of focus group sessions in a few communities, it was determined SportsUp is the best program locals want, need and is sustainable and cost-effective. Help us teach youths via tablets at their practice fields and other partnering facilities.


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