Saturday 23 June 2018
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Smarter, Stronger, Healthier, Better

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Feel, Think, Look & Perform … Better
without supplements, dietary changes, exercise …or side effects.   You just get better.

Seven Ways Sound and Light Therapy Makes You Better

In 1996 the first studies from NASA showed that LED Light Therapy presents incredible potential to help people recover from injury and illness, diminish the affects of premature aging and increase physical performance. While LLT affects the body, sound therapy can help the brain better achieve targeted states to improve focus, imagination, creativity, relaxation or deeper states of conscious awareness,

The possibility that a single treatment can help you Feel, Think, Look and Perform Better, without side effects is a reality now:

Below are seven ways sound and light therapy just makes you better:

1. Giant Mitochondria – LED Light Therapy increases both the size and density of energy producing mitochondria. It is kind of like changing out a four cylinder engine for a V8.

2. Reduce Toxicity & Inflammation – Chronic inflammation is the leading cause of 7 of the top 10 mortality diseases in the US. Your physical body has a finite amount of energy, and the energy that it devotes to fighting inflammation draws from its ability to optimize health. FBLT reduces inflammation in the skin (the largest organ in the body) and the muscular system (the largest mass in the body). When we team increased energy production with decreased energy consumption, we can provide a basis for the body to heal itself.

3. Nitric Oxide – Called the miracle molecule, Nitric Oxide offers a slew of protective benefits for the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and nervous systems.

4. Angiogenesis –LLT is known to build new arteries, which increases the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the cells, while it simultaneously cleanses the cells of inflammatory molecules, waste and free radicals.

5. Neurotransmittors – A simple process of heart mind coherence combined with our patent pending sound therapy system can help increase DHEA (the antiaging hormone) and decrease cortisol (the death hormone).

6. Targeted Brain States – Personal performance is frequently tied to a person’s ability to reach a certain brainstate. Through entrainment with audio frequencies the listener can reach and maintain peak performance states for extended periods of time.

7. Improved Skin Tone – LED Light Therapy is known to increase the production of collagen and tightening of elastin which can help reduce or remove the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles. It can kill the acne bacteria, reduce inflammation and increase the evacuation of hyper-pigmentation in age spot. With a Full Body LED Light Therapy system, you treat not just your face, but also your neck, chest, abdomen, legs, arms hands and back. It is a facial…squared.

The opportunity for side effect free physical and mental performance enhancement is real and it is available now. Learn more


The ARRC LED sees a bright future for a super powerful multiwave Full Body LED Light & Sound Therapy system (PhotoBioModulation).

The beauty of a full body system is that it helps stimulate a cellular health throughout the entire body, which cascades down into the tissues, organs and systems, which simultaneously benefits the health, wellness, performance and aesthetics of the user, without side effects.

Company president Mike McIntyre’s passion for LLLT dates back to a spa client in 2008. “Janice invested into an expensive facial LED for her little tanning salon. Turned out she wasn’t buying for her spa, but rather for her 75 year mother with type 1 diabetes.
Her mother had calluses on her hands that would grow, crack and bleed as well as painful neuropathy in her feet. Her Dermatologist told her that this was caused by diabetes and the condition was untreatable. Within 6 weeks of using the LED, the calluses were gone and the pain in her feet went from a “9 to a 1”.

This sparked my quest to build an affordable, full body system that could be used with insurance reimbursements and made available nationwide for both those who can afford treatments as well as the underserved populations who need help.”

LLLT decreases inflammation, detoxifies waste and free radicals, produces Nitric Oxide, increases circulation and cellular energy. It builds giant mitochondria, which is kind of like replacing a 4 cylinder with a V8 and then adding more motors to the same car. With more energy, you feel and perform better. The cellular benefits then cascade downstream into the cardiovascular, nervous and musculoskeletal system helping you overcome injury, illness and disease. You just get better.

Athletes increased their single rep max, did more reps prior to failure and they recovered faster than with cryotherapy. “I think future research will show that full body light therapy helps athletes improve their performance.”

Diseases like arthritis, diabetes, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, fibromyalgia and more respond well in clinical studies. Navy Seals, Astronauts and Military members were reported to recover 46% faster from injuries and kids with cancer were able to prevent the onset of oral sores from chemotherapy.

The aesthetic applications include reducing wrinkles, killing acne bacteria and infections and improving skin tone.”

The ARRC LED and a slew of medical doctors, chiropractors, private equity managers and regulatory specialists are teaming up to get this patent pending Sound & Light Therapy system FDA approved, available and affordable in the US.
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Michael McIntyre

ARRC Founder/President

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Mike Mcintyre has been providing medical and spa solutions for photobiomodulation since 2007.  Recognized as a leading consultant to some of the world’s top spas, medispas and medical facilities, Mr Mcintyre helps innovators expand their ability to present this side effect free peak performance modality within their practice.
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