Tuesday 17 July 2018
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Smart Mirror

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Android Powered – Touch Screen – Custom Profiles – Sound – Wifi -Much More!


As many of you know there has been many DIY smart mirrors and other big company smart mirror devices making waves online over the past few years. Many of them fall short of what we wanted though and didn’t expand on what the device can and should do for a everyday consumer.

Some of the key features that our Smart Mirror offers that many of the others don’t are;

  • Touch Screen – Multi touch input, drag and drop, pinch and zoom…
  • User Profiles – Organize your profile how you like it and password protect it
  • Sound – One of the primary uses we love about this is using it for music while we get ready in the morning
  • Phone integration – See your text and notification from your phone on your Smart Mirror so you can focus on getting ready for your day
  • Full Android – Tested, powerful and open source!
  • Customizable interface – Add, move, remove, resize any widget you want
  • Open to Developers – If you can make a widget for android, you can make a widget for our Smart Mirror


Where We Want To Go

We are looking into using vanity vision mirrors to add clarity and a higher reflection percentage to our Smart Mirror. We are also looking into a thinner display and other various android boards to further enrich this truly amazing device.

Our long term goal is to further develop and design a top of the line product. We plan on making this amazing first of a kind product available to the public as well!

The software is there. We have worked hard in getting the bones of our user interface to be strong and better than anything else out. Now we just need the hardware to show off how amazing of a device we have in mind.

Some key software features we would like to add with your help are;

  • Facial tracking
  • Facial recognition
  • Gesture control
  • Applications specifically for a smart mirror device

Some of the major hardware/overall goals we want are;

  • Thinner display
  • New case
  • Better reflection
  • Higher end android board
  • Get cost consumer friendly

We also have been in contact with many manufacturers and locking in low cost parts to bring the price down of our Smart Mirror! Also we are working on talking to wood workers to build beautiful wood frames so that you can style the mirror to look how you want it to!

Key Feature – Open To Developers!

This is one of the most exciting parts of our Smart Mirror. It is entirely built using Android. If you can build an widget for Android then you can build a widget for our Smart Mirror. This is great because it brings in hundreds of thousands of widgets already on the google play store and additionally makes it very easy and documented on how to build a widget for the device!

Key Feature – User Profiles

One major tool we have is being able to add profiles for all users in your home. That way you see what you want where you want it whenever you are getting ready. You can have password protection and we are working on facial recognition as well! Bring your e-mail, photos, notes and more all to your profile so that you don’t miss a step in your morning.


About Project Creator:

Joe Montano

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A full time college senior at Linfield College in McMinnville Oregon. He also works 30+ hours a week as a software engineer 45 minutes from home at Open Dental Software in Salem Oregon. Joe possesses leadership skills and wisdom beyond his years and has more drive then anyone.

He works hard and has the unique ability to bring people together to make some amazing things. At 22 he has done more then many adults in the industry and continues to push what products can do and not just what they should do. We will see alot out of him and can’t wait to see how he changes the way we interact and use technology.


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