Thursday 19 April 2018
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Skills Africa – Creating opportunities to reverse negative, uncontrolled economic migration of African youths

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The Skills Africa Centre project creates opportunities that reverse negative, uncontrolled economic migration in Africa and its global unpleasant consequences. The project stimulates innovation and unleashes creative potentials of the African youths. Please back this project and let’s help the next generation of prospective economic migrants pursue meaningful opportunities in their home countries in Africa.

Every year hundreds of thousands of Africans brave dangerous and treacherous journeys especially to travel to Europe and United States of America in search of a better life. A situation where young people who should have contributed to the future development of the social, political and technological advancement of Africa now believe that the situation in their countries is so hopeless that they now choose to take measures that may lead to their death either in the desert or while crossing the Mediterranean Sea is an emergency situation that needs a solution from both government, corporate, NGOs and individuals. This negative economic migration and its unpleasant consequences is the main reason for this campaign.


Official statistics from International Migration Organisation, as reported by BBC UK tells us that figures of migrants arrivals to Europe in 2014 was 280,000 (Two hundred and eighty thousand) but by the end of 2015 it increased to 1,321,560 (One million, three hundred and twenty one thousand five hundred and sixty) mostly from Africa and the Middle Eastern Countries . An increase of over 471%. Unfortunately 3,770 (Three thousand seven hundred and seventy) of these migrants mostly Africans drowned in the Mediterranean Sea while attempting to reach Europe. Millions around the world watched most of these deaths shown on their television screens. Apart from these figures, unofficial sources tells us that several hundreds of thousands of migrants are trapped in various human traffickers cells and camps in very deplorable conditions without hope of getting to their destination alive.

The report of 20/9/2016 tell us also that arrivals figures of economic or undocumented migrants to the United States of America(USA), especially from Africa is on the increase. They point out that currently in USA, undocumented migrants from South American countries have reduced from 68% to 52%, while the balance comprising majorly migrants from the African continent have risen to 48%.

The Problem

As reported on CNN, BBC and other reputable media, including official comments from governments of these destination countries,

“Not all of these migrants were fleeing wars and conflicts. Majority of these migrants are graduates of higher institution of learning in Africa with the unwavering notion that the grass is greener on the other side.”


Unknown to these migrants majority of the host countries of their choice are buckling under economic and migration pressures and therefore have no real opportunities for them. Most distressing part is that some migrants never make it to their final destinations, some that do end up in asylum camps dotted around Europe and elsewhere or become caught up in modern day slavery.


Despite the fact that billions have been spent in foreign aid and all sorts of development projects and assistance in developing countries for over 50 years, clearly, as the current out-of-control refugee and migration problems demonstrate, the wrong approaches are being pursued. If this trend is allowed to continue, many more billions in taxpayer’s money would continue to be wasted.

The troubling part is that a large population of the next wave of economic migrants are in the classrooms of secondary schools and lecture halls of universities in Africa. Upon graduation, and wrongly believing that all hope for the future lies in Europe or the USA, they will make the journey – which, very often, ends badly for everyone.

This Skills Africa Centre campaign is about taking real action, creating the empowerment platform which bridges the “school to work skills gap” desperately lacking amongst majority of students leaving higher institutions of learning in Africa, Without labour market and entrepreneurial required skills set to navigate the real world, these young African out of desperation become economic migrants. We therefore need your help to scale this project.

  1. Beyond the pilot, and reach every University in Nigeria.
  2. Beyond Universities, and reach Secondary schools.
  3. And finally beyond Nigeria, and reach the whole of Africa.

About Knowledge and Productivity Education for Africa Initiative (KPEAI)

KPEAI education foundation seeks to re-orientate the unemployed graduates, youths of Africa as well as ensure students that are about to graduate from various higher institutions in Africa are equipped with skills that will enable them to succeed in the current highly competitive business and employment market, which will enable them build their future in their home countries in Africa. The foundation is peopled by accomplished men and women with passion to empower the youths of Africa. Some of the team members are listed below. Please back this project to reduce this scourge of uncontrolled negative economic migration of African youths.

The Skills Africa Project Team


For more information please visit our people


Our Quest

Femi Olekanma and other Skills Africa team members has started this crowdfunding campaign on behalf of Knowledge and Productivity Education for Africa Initiative (KPEAI) education foundation with a goal of raising $300,000.00 with your help. This will enable them to setup Skills Africa Project Centre in Lagos Nigeria and commence full operations by 2017. Details of the project plan can be viewed on

In the creator’s own words: We commenced the Skills Africa Project tagged ELB 420 earlier this year 2016, from February 29th to May 25th 2016, at Elizade University Ilara Mokin, Ondo State Nigeria, West Africa involving all the final year graduating students from all departments and faculties. We want to scale up this project by setting up the Skills Africa Centre which will enable us reach many more youths of Africa, creating opportunities that reverse negative economic migration.

Future Plan

We aim to start the North Africa Skills Africa Project Centre by January 2019, Work on the centre will commence in December 2018. We aim to be in all 5 regions of Africa by 2022. All we need is for you to help us start the Lagos Nigeria West Africa Skills Africa Project Centre.

Backers have several perks and categories to choose from, but you’ve got to be quick!
For more information, please visit Skills Africa’s Indiegogo page:

Also please take some time to share this campaign across your social networks and encourage your friends and family to support.

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