Tuesday 17 July 2018
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Singing Statue of Liberty

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My name is Andrew and I am currently a student. I have recently taken an interest in Animatronic toys. My inspiration was the Billy Bass singing fish of the 1990’s. I am currently in the process of developing my first toy (hence the Graphic design image which is what the final product will look like. The concept is in ‘Patent Pending status (‘Provisional Patent’). The next step is a functioning prototype and then manufacturing and ultimately with your help the market shelf.

The Singing Statue of Liberty opens his mouth, sings a patriotic verse ( a verse of the national anthem). Other features include  his torch lighting up as Lady Liberty moves from side to side.

The final product may interest children but probably adults more particularly. Its a patriotic product so it would make a lovely 4th July gift.


About Project Creator:

Andrew M

Currently a student and I plan to develop a company or work in partnership with another (see how it pans out)  to bring this product to market.


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