Sunday 24 June 2018
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Siam 7x U.S. First Dual Screen Smartphone

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Dual Screen Smartphone!! The front screen of the 5.0” Siam 7X is a full HD screen, and the back is an 4.7” E-ink display



Since the creation of the transistor in the 1940s, computing technology has marched toward two primary goals: an increase in power and functioning, with a decrease  in the size of devices. The brainpower that once required warehouses full of routers and  processors now fits into our pockets and on our wrists. While this is a positive trend that  has greatly improved the way most people work and communicate, we run the risk of  running out of technological real estate, where our devices don’t have enough space to  maximize their computing potential. The Siam 7X was created to maximize the  technological real estate of mobile devices, inside and outside the phone.

The Siam is the first cellphone on the North American market to feature  dual-screen technology, where the once vacant back side of the phone has been  developed into a fully functioning touchscreen. Plan your grocery list on the front of the  phone while using a calculator on the rear side; keep the GPS map up on one screen  while accessing your music menu on the reverse; customize the rear cover with your  favorite pictures. Remember when some people used to wonder why anyone would need  a camera on their cellphone? Much like the camera phone, Siam’s dual-screen technology  will introduce users to functions they didn’t know could improve their productivity  throughout their busy daily lives.

The Siam is also equipped with CRBT technology, or Caller Ring Back Tone,  which maximizes the capabilities of the phone anytime someone calls. CRBT replaces  the dormant ring tone with a customizable message to incoming callers. This feature can  be used to create warmer greetings for one’s friends, and are ideal for small businesses to  connect with consumers via a revenue-generating marketing tool. Rings were replaced  with music or personal messages that entertain the waiting party, but CRBT refines this  opportunity to deliver creative, informative, and fun sales or product information.

The Siam was created by U.S.-based CRBT Inc. in conjunction with engineers in   Shenzhen, China, the global leader in cellphone manufacturing.


About Project Creator:

Darius R. Allen, Founder/CEO

Darius R. Allen has been a serial entrepreneur since childhood, and has grown  into an international business magnate, accomplished entrepreneur, successful investor,  self-help author, motivational speaker, and financial literacy activist. His first business  was an IT consulting firm while attending Auburn University School of Business, where  he also participated in NCAA Division I football and graduated with a degree in  Information Systems Management. The IT consulting firm wrote proprietary software for  small and medium size businesses, and Darius later sold his interest in “Alhaan  Solutions” to his business partner to take advantage of the growing real estate market. Darius grew his real estate investment firm to more than $100 million dollars in annual sales.

Darius is the best-selling author of, “From Athletics to Business,” the first book in  his series of self-help business education books he plans to publish. Darius continues to  be a leader in marketing, business, and technology. He is the Founder of CRBT Inc., a  mobile advertising solution that utilizes caller ringtones by replacing the ring with an  advertising solution. The Reverse Ad-Rbt market is projected to grow to a $6 billion  dollar industry by 2015.


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