Wednesday 20 June 2018
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/ Shed

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/ Shed is a dinner project for eight people a night. To shed any preconceptions of what you or I have of what a dinner is or can be.

/: is a symbol used to separate different things. It is a way of listing choices.

Shed: to set apart, to resist being penetrated or affected by, to cast off or let fall off by natural process to promote new growth.

/ Shed is not a restaurant, nor a pop up. / Shed is a small dinner project put on by Johnny Ortiz and Leia Layus. / Shed will start with two dinners done out of a artist loft here in San Francisco, also used sometimes for underground art showings. There will only be eight seats. To shed any preconceptions of what you or I have of what a dinning experience is or can be. Inspired by nature.

To create an environment that is more true of ourselves; driven from an inspired place by honoring the process. By being present, working on each step ourselves, along with working within our community of friends: passionate craftspeople, farmers whom` we know, and drawing from music that inspires us.

To express of myself and place through materials made from the earth. / Shed is based around solidifying these things that I love most about cooking. Condensing something that would normally take an army of cooks, down to a small tight group. To convey a sense of time and place. To create a space to share my creative spirit with you.

The dinners will be made from scratch, everything from the plates to the food. With a huge helping hand of Carole Neilson, an incredibly talented ceramicist, we will be making all of the service ware together.

Unfortunately cooking equipment and supplies cost a lot. Normally for a project like this you would start by finding investors, but in that route there is a sacrifice in the things we are trying to preserve. By doing a KickStarter, we know: there will be no sacrifice and /Shed will be powered by the people who we want to cook for. In this way we can provide the most honest, true form of our vision for you.

Thank you for your Support!


Johnny, Leia


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