Sunday 22 July 2018
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Senior Charity Care Foundation in Utah is devoted to providing mobile dental clinics for low-income seniors. Seeking funding to make their own clinics a reality, SCCF aims to go from 42 full day clinics to 80. To serve more seniors, the clinics will also contract dentists, recruit AmeriCorps members and partner with the local Dental Hygiene Schools to provide quality dental services. Care is provided for a complete hour during which a multitude of services are provided. But with their own clinic, SCCF will require state support and will broaden services to include temporary crowns, dentures, basic health screening, and services for those on blood thinners or with hypertension. The goal is to finance these clinics and secure better dental health for seniors. Most of the seniors served by SCCF lack access to basic healthcare amenities and have to choose between medical care and paying the rent. Providing dental care to these seniors is a noble service to society and SCCF is paving the way for affordable healthcare that is accessible to all.
Have a look at the CROWDRISE link below for more information:

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