Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Scenic Treescapes, Serving Sets, & Nests w/ Glow-in-the-Dark

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Hello to all of you Wonderful Funders! I hope today finds you in good spirits! My name is David Baxley and i’m absolutely flattered and grateful to have your attention here on Kickstarter!

Let me just start off by saying THANK YOU for being here! I am a Sculpture Artist and Founding Entrepreneur of E3Limited where wire and mosaic tile are my preferred mediums. I’m here to share my creativity and drive to succeed with you all that together we can get a head start with needed tools, equipment, marketing, & supplies so as to best expand the versatility of our product offerings, take the MOST BEAUTIFUL high resolution photos, increasing our raw materials inventory, making people happy by spreading our love of Jesus through art across the globe, take our cutting edge business cards into the local market, & fund our online marketing that will get us on the map and best drive traffic to our Etsy shop: and next to our domain: all while successfully forming and operating as a BENEFIT (B) CORP. Sounds interesting? If you say yes, then you’re in the right place! And i’m glad to have you! Please read on.

There are 2 channels with which to approach marketing with artwork and both are important. 

1) Retail in Person: In person, customers can see with their own eyes and feel with their own hands how beautiful the items are that we make here at E3Ltd! Retail locations allow a more personal type of feedback face-to-face pre-purchase versus shopping online which is always valuable to get to continue to grow and improve our product offerings even though we have to split the profits with the retailer.

Why? Because without a lot of reviews online and with only a poor outdated camera, the only thing that we can do at this time to prove to consumers that our art is worth the luxury price is for them to see it in person or less so on a full desktop screen. This marketing channel requires an investment in business cards. And what type of business cards? Only the very best possible, cutting edge, most beautiful cards i can dream up, which is how I position myself not only as a TRENDSETTING Artist, but also as a GROUNDBREAKING Business Owner. Double-sided die-cut custom-shape plastic business cards with foil stamping gradient shaped like a key with a hole into the imagination! What better way to showcase our “In the Highest” level of quality, abilities, & painstaking attention to detail right from the get go? We need to give it that well-polished look because not only does it look interesting, but that’s who we are and that comes through clearly with our best first impression; which we only get ONCE. Kind of like Steve “Pre” Prefontaine. Pre was a runner from Oregon State who believed it’s not good enough to simply win a race, but to run as fast as he could run from the beginning at full tilt in a distance race and push the pace in such the way that no one else could keep up with him SMASHING records all over! That’s 1 of my personal heroes right there!

1) Retail In Person: Meet E3Ltd business cards!

Okay! So, here are some rough images of my card (front and back) and close up of QR code (done). The cards are almost done! And they’re not just any cards! These cards go back about 150-200 redesigns since I started working on them in 2015 on a bootstrap budget after painstaking revision, after revision, after revision. I’m being quoted at roughly $1 a card to print with all these amazing effects and complicated features after seemingly endless changes. The cards will be finished of design phase soon. I’m into the final iteration of changes done within a week, (just moving words around and making sure nothing gets left out before we do our final mockups). Then, WE can send the finished card files to the printer! This is all very EXCITING right? I hope you say YES (again)! hah Please allow me to continue.

  • Cards will have an embedded vector quick response (QR) code (seen in inverted triangle). Instead of having the brand new near field communication (NFC) technology chip in our cards, this is the best and most cost effective way of having a scannable direct link to our website from our cards with a smartphone. Drives traffic DIRECTLY to our site (VERY important)! Just capture the image in the QR scanner and the site address pops up. Plus, it’s 1 of the most memorable cards you’ll find anywhere as seen as my primary means of marketing in the local because it STANDS OUT!

About Project Creator:

David J. Baxley

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I recently took a leave of absence from my university to build a business for myself to be able to raise the funds needed to finish my 2 pending business degrees. To do this, I have decided to pursue my dream of being an artist. Fortunately enough, while I was in business school I learned a great deal about how to start and build a business from scratch and things are slowly picking up.
People are noticing and once you get noticed, word of mouth spreads & things start to take off! I have the great pleasure coming from a family where my father is an entrepreneur and my mother is an artist. Take the best of both worlds, put them together, and then you have me! I am a highly detailed painstaking perfectionist. And this is reflected in my necessity of the highest quality items I can possibly produce given the circumstances, technology, and resources available. I enjoy what I do & I want this to be reflected in items that we create together. I go out of my way to make things special for the person i’m making artwork for, my customers and backers (that’s you)! I want to thank you for taking the time to read this and i look forward to working together with you in the near future. Thank you so very much!

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