Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Scene + Heard 2017 (Festival of New Work)

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The Arts are a Necessity in everyone’s life not a Luxury

Take a moment to consider the huge contribution made by the arts to the life of the community and the community in which you operate. Imagine if your involvement could shape the future of the Arts in Ireland, the music we make and the stories we tell…

What is so damn good about Scene + Heard?

Smock Allies : Scene + Heard is a festival of new work across all live performance genres : MUSIC – DANCE – THEATRE – COMEDY + SPOKEN WORD. 

Why is it different from other Arts Festivals?

It provides a chance for artists to stage an excerpt of previously unseen work in front of a live audience who then give their feedback so the Artist can MAKE SURE their work is making an impact and not just ‘ELITIST THEATRE NONSENSE’


We ask our audiences for Feedback in a number of ways. In its inaugural year (Feb/March 2016) Scene + Heard saw 85 pieces of new work being showcased to an audience of 4,800 people with audiences giving feedback in a myriad of ways (secret ballot, video booth, Q &A, live twitter feed, candy poll) which was sent directly to the artists.

Our team has gathered years of collective experience producing festivals, theatre, TV + film, design, architecture, photography, music, marketing, comedy and dance as well as vast and innovative technical expertise, which we want to share with these emerging Artists and their exciting ideas.

About Project Creator:


Caoimhe Connolly

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Creative Producer specialising in project design + development, fundraising, digital marketing, people management and production. Co-founder and Creative Producer of Scene + Heard festival of New Work and the Generator Programme for training Creative Producers, Caoimhe has extensive experience having worked with festivals,

venues and companies such as Culture Night, Dublin International Literature Festival, The Abbey Theatre, Galway International Arts Festival, RTÉ Concert Orchestra, Macnas, Electric Picnic, Druid, DTF, Tiger Dublin Fringe, The Dublin Book Festival, The Dublin Writers Festival, Festival of Curiosity, The TownHall Theatre, St Patrick’s Festival and the comedy festivals to mention a few. She was instrumental in the set up and development of Smock Alley Theatre, has her own voice over company Dulcet + Gravel with Osgar Dukes and her own sound based creative company the Midnightscowl Orchestre with fellow collaborator Jack Cawley. She also works as a Creative Producer on LIVE Television for Gifted Empire Productions, VIP, Power Pictures, RTÉ and TG4.
For more information, please visit Scene and Heard 2017 Indiegogo page:

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