Wednesday 20 June 2018
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Rock & Roll Rides – Classic Car Sharing ™

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UBER for classic cars! Rock and Roll Rides is a mobile app that connects people with specialty vehicles for on-demand sharing services.

Rock and Roll


Austin, TX – Just as technology has disrupted the taxi industry, Rock and Roll Rides intends to change the way people think about ride sharing. Combining ease with experience, the startup will offer users the chance to catch a ride in a classic or specialty vehicle through their mobile device.

Dubbed the Uber for classic cars, Rock and Roll Rides will offer users the chance to select from a wide range of vehicles owned by private individuals, car clubs or dealers to rent or ride.


  1. Use the Rock and Roll rides taste identifier to find your favorite vehicles nearby. We have a wide variety of classics, exotics, and extreme vehicles standing by.
  2. Our app will deliver a list of nearby rides based on your taste preferences, making it easy to find the rides you want, when you want them for rental or ride shares.
  3. Enjoy yourself in style with Rock and Roll Rides and your specialty vehicle.

Users of the free mobile app will be offered the opportunity to select a vehicle to rent or ride. Once vehicle preference selections are made, the app will then generate a series of cars available on stand-by for the user to choose from.

With just a few simple steps, getting a chance to ride in a luxury or classic car has never been this easy.

All transactions made through the app are performed using a safe credit card transaction. Vehicles are equipped with GPS capabilities which will track rides and allow for the app to produce a bill electronically.

The public is encouraged to vote for the next city to host the unique ride share platform. With the goal of raising at least $50,000 through the Kickstarter campaign, Rock and Roll Rides aims to finish development and make the app available on Andriod and IOS devices.

Rock and Roll Rides is unlike any other ride share platform on the market today. The company is equipped with staff that are trained experts with years of industry experience. Rock and Roll Rides separates itself from competitors by focusing on a yet to be tapped specialty vehicle market.


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