Thursday 16 August 2018
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Rising Phoenix Perfumery : Expansion

JK DeLapp is the founder, perfumer and brains behind an all family Atlanta-based enterprise and award winning initiative, The Rising Phoenix Perfumery. This is a one-of-a-kind perfume company with a focus on creating all natural fragrances. Well known for its Attar line, the perfumery has drawn rave reviews from bloggers and perfume experts such as Luca Turin. Hard work, talent and creativity are not the only selling points of the Rising Phoenix perfumery. Its fragrance, Musk Rose Attar, was a top finalist in the 2016 Global Art and Olfaction awards. Turin, a renowned perfume critic even went to the point of equating RP’s Phoenix Fougere to Paul Parquet’s Fougere Royale, which is considered to be the first modern fragrance dating to the 1880’s, and the initiation point of the evolution of modern day perfumery.

The largest supplier of Agarwood, Oud and Ambergris in the US, Rising Phoenix is known for its all natural products made without harmful chemicals such as parabens and phthalates. In a bid to provide local artisans a chance to preserve an ancient and dying art, its Attar line is world renowned. Combining conservation with culture, this perfumery is now poised for another critical step in its journey, with the development of alcohol-based spray Eau De Parfum (EdP) fragrance line. While there is massive demand for its products, and production and distribution channels are in place, a final capital push is needed in the form of US$350,000 on Indiegogo. Help the Rising Phoenix soar in its crowdfunding efforts and support this family based enterprise that believes in business ethics and preserving natural perfume’s unique heritage.
If your want to support this project, Check out the below link:

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