Tuesday 14 August 2018
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REVERIES: Record Production & Worldwide Release

EBRA is a singer, songwriter, storyteller and passionate musician. As performer and vocalist Khaoula in her previous appearances as an artist, EBRA has inspiring and uplifting music to her credit. Now, as EBRA which means needle in her native Moroccan Darija mother tongue, she has sought to act as a bridge between cultures and people from across the world through her music. For EBRA, music is love, songwriting is akin to breathing and singing is the muscle to pave her way through the challenges of the world.

Loving her art and revelling in every bit of it, EBRA now seeks to release a solo album (her first) called Modern Africa I: REVERIES. This soulful album seeks to capture the essence of a plethora of musical styles from Malian to Gnawa, Afro Beats to World Music in a dazzling array of sound, music and entrancing rhythm that will heal and uplift anyone. Help REVERIES become a reality with the support that you can extend to EBRA on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo where she seeks to secure funds for her dream album. Help spread the music and the love…donate your time and money to the cause today.
Have a look at the INDIEGOGO link below:

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