Tuesday 17 July 2018
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Restoring a forest, sowing life 

ASHARECU (Association of Inhabitants of the Basin Area) have joined hands with Technology and Knowledge Ecuador (TECCON-EC) to offer you a chance to change the future of Ecuador’s pristine, green forests in the Recinto Cuenca region. The beautiful forests here, the water sources and the unique land with its teeming population of flora and fauna is under threat from pollution and climate change resulting from this. Making the land whole again through eco-tourism, trekking, aquaculture and other initiatives that protect the ecosystem and generate sustainable resources in economic terms is the mission on which ASHARECU and TECCON-EC have embarked.

On crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo, they are seeking USD 50,000 and your invaluable support to make this a reality by training inhabitants in region for these initiatives and saving the forests from extinction. From providing crucial training for residents to man the projects to initiating these groundbreaking, sustainable projects to begin with, ASHARECU and TECCON-EC need your help. Extend a helping hand and donate generously to give the community a chance to regain their home and save the planet.
Have a look at the below link:

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