Tuesday 14 August 2018
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REAL Coins to Fantasy RPG Currency! Solid Copper & Metal!

Based out of Medford in Oregon, The Copper Kingdom is situated in the seat of historic Jackson county and works to preserve the North American cultural heritage when it comes to currency. That is why fantasy currency designed by this enterprising team of professionals and experts carries themes from the ancient to the modern.

The Copper Kingdom has followed US regulations to ensure they can legally make fantasy currency from real coins. The coins are based on real ones and built over them so they are of a bigger size that regular currency. From copper to copper plated pennies, the shift in the US currency saw a change in the 1980s. Keeping this in mind, these gaming coins strive to recapture the heritage and changing styles of American currency, while creating items that have a certain charm and are rare collectibles as time passes. For gamers or avid historians, this fantasy currency brings themes to life, fashioned from real coins.
If you want support this project, check out the below link:

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