Sunday 22 July 2018
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Ranger: Zoom Digi-Binocular That Becomes A Drone.

Is it a drone or a digital helicopter? Or is it a periscope? The Ranger is a technological innovation that combines the power of three in one. The best part about this drone digi binocular and periscope is its wealth of features. This innovative product has detachable goggles, a solid body and durability along with Wifi, GPS, LIDAR technology and more. Optical and drone technology combine to create the most exciting innovation that beats known drones like DJI Mavic. For a drone that is not relegated to a toy, consider the Ranger.

This 3-in-1 digi binocular periscope which transforms into a drone is a brainchild of a tech team from Taiwan. Make videos, shoot photos, capitalize on range and ensure affordability and durability as well. Erasing the stigma of digital binoculars as lacking novelty, the Ranger offers a wide range, great connectivity and complex technology made simple. Extend a helping hand to this wonderful initiative on crowdfunding campaign platform Indiegogo.
Have a look at the below link:

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