Wednesday 15 August 2018
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Queen of Corsairs

Queen of Corsairs is a massive battle-game which challenges the enterprising gamer in everyone. The plot of this exciting rogue inspired space virtual battle-fight is entrancing. You are a beleaguered and betrayed space pirate out for revenge against arch enemy Queen of Corsairs and her faithful commander Long John Sylvur.

The stunning video and special effects are supportable across multiple platforms.

The only thing that needs further work are customized audio and sound effects for which indie game maker Ragiva Games is seeking funds on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Now, launch your own ship, upgrade and battle to avoid a fate of Perma death, plus engage in Boss fights across space, as you set out to defeat the Queen of Corsairs. Set out to make this an exciting journey and an adventure that’s amazing, by supporting this awesome video game initiative. Let the games begin and let the joyride never end….with the Queen of Corsairs, you will be challenged at every step of the way to reclaim your rightful revenge and Ragiva Games is guaranteeing that this will be a gaming experience you will never forget!

Have a look at the KICKSTARTER link below for more information:

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