Monday 25 June 2018
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Px3 – Plant Powered Performance

A complete nutritional shake with all the essentials

Px3 Essentials is an Australian owned and made product that is both incredibly healthy and ethically sound. We have combined proteins, greens, good fats, probiotics, antioxidants, digestive aids, b-vitamins and much much more to produce a well rounded alternative to conventional protein shakes.

Px3 is organic, dairy free, gluten free, vegan friendly and contains no processed sugars.  It tastes great and is only 170 calories!

A $55 pledge will get you a 750gram bag of px3 essentials delivered to you (if in Australia). Your support for this local start up is greatly appreciated.

PX3 Nutrition is brought to you by husband and wife team Matt Longman and Allyce Martins. Allyce is a Yoga Teacher and Performer, and Matt is a Lifeguard and Crossfit enthusiast.

Both committed vegans, we are passionate about sustainability, conservation and fueling the human body with the best nutrition available.

Searching for optimal nutrition that contained all the essentials needed for a busy lifestyle, we have developed our products to be well rounded and bursting with vitality.

Containing no gluten, sugar, dairy products or animal hormones, all our products are manufactured ethically here in Australia from the best organic ingredients where possible.


About Project Creator:

Matt Longman

Matt Longman is a Lifeguard and Personal Trainer. Allyce Martins is a performer, yoga instructor and wellness advocate. Together this husband and wife team are committed to enriching lives through Plant-based nutrition, giving back an ethical product that is sure to contribute health and wellbeing to anyone’s life. As busy individuals, Allyce and Matt needed top quality, organic nutrition that covered all bases to power through their day, nourished. This is how Px3 Essentials came about- as an easy way to get everything in a shake that you would get in a meal, if you had the time.

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