Tuesday 17 July 2018
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ProtoLeap Starter, the new and exciting way to easily learn electronics!

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Many of us grew up with the passion to design and create but are hindered by the problems that arise. In the modern day, almost all projects require some electrical hardware design. Prototyping electronic hardware designs is still very challenging and the problem for many people is where and how to start. ProtoLeap Starter is the solution.


ProtoLeap Starter was designed with the collaboration of our engineers to be the all-in-one solution for any hardware/software design. While the commonly used breadboard is useful in prototyping, there are some evident drawbacks. When discussing what is missing from the breadboard, a couple essentials were identified. First, the need for a power source must be addressed. Second, the ability to use surface mount components is crucial for many projects (many new IC’s only come in SMD packages).

The ProtoLeap Starter comes with 2 power rails (5V and 3.3V). This provides your components easy access to power. The design of the ProtoLeap Starter also contains commonly used surface mount footprints in the center of the board. This will allow you to use surface mount parts which you otherwise could not with a breadboard.

ProtoLeap Open Source Projects


The goal for this product is to create a network of students, hobbyists, and professionals who thoroughly enjoy hardware/software design projects. All code, schematics, and bill of materials for any projects created using this board will be Open Source and freely available to the public. Our team were all once students, who became hobbyists, and now are professional electronic designers. We will keep working on new open source projects for years to come! We invite all of YOU to join us and start creating your design ideas.

Elegant Professional Prototyping


Current Open Source Project

  • Light Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Dual Character 7-Segment Display
  • ADC
  • DAC
  • DC Motor Control
  • Multi-board application

All the above projects will be delivered as part of our deliverables in this campaign.

Future Open Source Projects

This list is realistically never ending, but we want to share the projects we have identified as extremely enjoyable, creative, or essential.

  • Expandable 8×16 LED Display board
  • 8x8x8 LED Cube
  • Weather Station – using temperature, air pressure, humidity, light sensor, wind speed
  • PC Controlled Power Supply – 2-20V, up to 2A!
  • Remote
  • Oscilloscope
  • Frequency Counter
  • Waveform Generator
  • Signal Generator
  • Watch
  • Camera

The Team

A passionate group of people fully dedicated to making this wonderful product.


Mazi Hosseini has started a crowdfunding campaign with a goal of raising CA$ 5,000 in order to bring The ProtoLeap Starter to market.

In the creator’s own words: Our team consists of seven very dedicated, project loving individuals. Our day to day lives consist of working as electronic engineers, which closely ties to our passion of hardware and software creation. The time spent on prototyping every new project has slowed us down over the years. It has even discouraged us from trying new designs due to the overhead time required for the setup. One day we realized that the time spent on making a product which would take care of the overhead for us was worth the effort and time. Since then we started working on the ProtoLeap.

There’re some good early bird discounts available, but you’ve got to be quick!
Have a look at the Kickstarter video below for more information:

Also please take some time to share this campaign across your social networks and encourage your friends and family to support.

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