Tuesday 14 August 2018
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Share This: is a web portal dedicated to freelancers and entrepreneurs from Latin America and the Caribbean. offer freelancers and entrepreneurs a space where they can announce and promote their services, as well as have access to resources and tools specially designed for them. is co-founded by Sandra Mendez who is a passionate entrepreneur. offers other entrepreneurs a way to make the entrepreneurial journey a shorter and nicer one. The company was founded almost 4 years ago.

Together with a team of professionals from different areas, they offer these professionals the guidance, advice and resources needed to learn how to develop their business.

The resources raised through this campaign will be allocated to hire (for a minimum period of one year) a team made up of  2 web designers, 2 web programmers, 2 instructional design specialists. The team will be in charge of designing and strengthening the contents of our virtual classroom, the user experience to more easily access the web and the options that allow them to interact with others in the community and promote their services.

As part of the growth strategy the team will also be in charge of designing our first own mobile application so that the users can find the freelancers near their location directly from their cell phone in the shortest possible time as soon as they need them.

The path of entrepreneurship, like any other, presents multiple challenges. Starting a business requires time, dedication, passion, enthusiasm and financial resources to develop a quality product that is not obsolete over time and that is attractive to users and consumers. The strategic planning for the next three years is focused on projecting across the continent and achieving the loyalty of our users in the long term to keep growing.


  • $20 USD – Premium Membership for 1 month
  • $60 USD – Premium Membership (3 months)
  • $120 USD – Premium Membership (6 months)
  • $200 USD – Premium Membership (1 year)

Have a look at the Indiegogo link below for more information.

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