Thursday 16 August 2018
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PREORDER! Ocean-Themed Children’s Book w/a “Catchy” Song

Troy Mihalek, a Phoenix based businessman, loves his creative spark and nurtures it through initiatives like the song and book collection, “A Little Fish Finds New Friends.” For kids aged 2-6, this innovative and exciting adventure was born from the tune composed by Troy for his sons, which the boys really enjoyed. From an Octopus in the start to meeting a Leopard shark and a Manta ray, the Little Fish goes the distance when it comes to exploring the mysteries and having adventures in the big, blue ocean.

This ocean themed children’s book and catchy song also covers important lessons in courage and compassion for the little ones. The song is scheduled for release in November 2017 while the book is targeted for young readers during the holiday season. For making this book and its accompanying musical endeavor a success, Troy and his team are seeking USD 3500 in funds.

Make this fun filled tale with adventures and lessons reach its young audience, by donating in cash or kind at the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter where Troy is running a campaign. With each contribution, donors also have an opportunity to pre-order this compelling and captivating tale with beautiful illustrations and a catchy song.
For more information Have a look at the below link:

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