Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Phrasier – Automated Translation Without Guesswork

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Phrasier lays the foundation for a leap forward in communication across languages.

What is Phrasier?

Phrasier is a concept for a free and open online language repository that is designed to be the biggest and most complete memory-based translation database in the world. It will contain billions of entries (words, phrases, phrasal verbs, idioms, expressions and slang terms) in source languages, with their meanings and translations in every other target language.

Phrasier will be a massive database of expressions in many languages accurately translated into their counterparts in other languages. When used in text or voice translation it will simply match statements in a source language with their already-translated counterpart, and therefore guarantee accuracy. As a result, Phrasier will offer a low-tech and highly effective solution to the accuracy problem that plagues the existing approach to automated translation, taking guesswork completely out of the translation process.

Phrasier was conceived by Hagop Panosian, a professional translator with more than 16 years of experience as an independent translation contractor for a US Government news media service that supplies translations of news reports from across the globe to government and academia.

How will Phrasier be built?

Phrasier consists of billions of entries in different languages. These entries are of anything that can be said in the source language – words, phrases, phrasal verbs, idioms, expressions, slang terms, etc. – with their meanings and pronunciation (voice entries), and their translations or corresponding expressions and pronunciations in the target language. Each entry will also identify its author, who will “own” that expression and will be identified every time it is used.

What’s new about Phrasier?

Some of Phrasier‘s sub-features can be found on the Internet. There are dictionaries and sets of idioms, phrasal verbs and expressions, but all these resources are available piecemeal, or in ways that are not practical, or often not accessible at all.  None are available in ways that make them directly useful in practical applications. Phrasier will be unique in terms of what it contains, and even more special in terms of how it will empower users.

Phrasier‘s true innovation is that it offers a very simple, low-tech solution to the problem of translation error, opening up limitless possibilities.

Phrasier’s Limitless Potential

Phrasier is designed to be a vast language repository that has incredible power to support a leap forward in linguistics, translation and communication. It can make computer translation more accurate, allow any two people to communicate fluently without having to speak each other’s language, and be a freely accessible cultural and historical treasure-trove of language.


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