Wednesday 20 June 2018
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Perpiglia & Thomas

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Perpiglia-Thomas – A newly formed British menswear brand that is committed to being a luxury all-natural brand, with a bespoke concept

Perpiglia-Thomas - A newly formed British menswear brand that is committed to being a luxury all-natural brand, with a bespoke concept

Perpiglia-Thomas is a newly formed British menswear brand that focuses on combining different cultures, trends and styles of the 1940’s infused with the brands ethos of work with high quality natural and recycled materials to create a unique flare to our products. As a menswear brand we not only produce clothing for the modern gentlemen but also accessories, handmade in the England and Italy.

We are committed to being a luxury all-natural brand, with a bespoke concept but with the practicalities of ready to wear.

In summary:

• We fuse fibers and fabrics, predominantly wool, Marino, Cashmere and other natural fibers through felting processes and bonding/fusing embroidery techniques to create our own fabrics.

• Colour at present is based on Achromatic and monochrome themes as colour and feeling have a creative connection within Caribbean culture.

• Representation of the displacement of Caribbean communities into British culture and how they merged and the process of knitting represents integration and the mingling of styles and identities.

• Meshed together will stretch the limits of understanding of Black British culture and inspirations that has influence of current British culture.

• As well as ready to wear, we shall be offering our client a further bespoke range. This market is totally specialist and will be aimed to a specific clientele of whom a fully tailored package will be available upon order. Being a bespoke range, everything will be sourced, designed and measured to a client’s specific requirements.

The Bespoke range will offer the following service:

• The client simply requests a visit, for the purpose of a fitting, at the hands of one of our head cutters and discusses and chooses the style of suit and the fabric and particular buttons and lining that he/she would like.

• Various consultations will follow, nevertheless solely dependent on the desired finish and cut. As it’s a service fully tailored to need/requirement; from start to finish clients have the choice whether to attend our fitting studio or have a home or work visit. Throughout this entire process our ethos of unique fibres, fabrics and as important colour choices shall be made available as it’s the golden thread of all our ranges.
About Project Creator:

Princess Thomas

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Princess has worked in both admin and design roles within a creative profession. After graduating from her Ba (Hons), Princess went to work as a researcher for the Textile Department of the National Archives. This is where Princess learnt the skills needed to undertake in depth primary research surrounding everything from wallpapers to silk scarfs.
Princess then moved on to Number 10 where she became Communications Manager; the time she spent there helped her learn to build professional interpersonal relationships with both companies and clients. After three years there, Princess went into working for Ual: Chelsea (for a total of 10 years). Princess was working both on the technical and teaching sides of the fence. Along side working for all these companies she was Freelancing as a Knitted Textile Designer for high-end brands and clients: such a Christian Lacroix, DKNY and Lee Marsh Bespoke.
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