Wednesday 20 June 2018
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Partying Puppies

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Partying Puppies is a new & original game that combines truth or dare, charades, and real life dogs which equals awesomeness!


Partying Puppies is absolutely new, totally different, and full of awesome sauce. It is a combination of card play, real life dogs, charades, and truth or dare. It is a hilariously fun card game that actually gets you up out of your seat…basically just to get your friends to laugh at you.

You’ll recognize the theme of the game, it will seem very familiar. Everyone knows puppies. You’ll recognize the game mechanics, it will seem very similar. Which makes it easy to play! But we know this game is different, and new, and unique and we want you to have fun realizing it!

Partying Puppies is the first version of THREE that we have planned and have been making for over a year now. This FIRST VERSION is the Zombie Edition. The second version (we hope you’ll love us enough to get to the second version) is the trivia edition. The third version is Obstacles & Occupation.

Why is this different?

Funny you should ask, because I was just gonna explain that in 4 EASY REASONS:


This game isn’t like any other card game because this gets you out of your seat, and into ridiculousness. The game mechanics are familiar because we want it to be easy to learn how to play and quick to learn so you can get to the fun. It is the tasks on the cards that make Partying Puppies unique.Watching you and your friends act this game out in crazy ways is what sets Partying Puppies apart from the rest of the pack. You may have seen similar looking games, but that is where the similarity ends, and where Partying Puppies begins!

2. The ART:

The art is spectacularly detailed, original, clever, and NEVER REPEATS. Each and ever single card is different, every one. There are card groups- for instance there are ‘Puppy Park’ cards – but each and every card in that group has its own unique art. There are twenty ‘Training’ cards- ALL DIFFERENT. 17 character cards- all exclusive to a particular breed, etc. with over 50 cards per deck! Unlike other games that have a few separate pieces and than groups of the same art, it was important to us to design a game that was a surprise on every card. Each time you turn a card over, there is its own complete scene, its own unique character- it creates a very special feeling going through the decks.

3. The PUPPIES!:

The art pays homage to all puppies, everywhere- our puppies, your puppies, my puppies. You will find your dog breed within the Partying Puppies packs. You will find your childhood puppy, your adopted angel, and your child’s eyes will light up when they recognize their best friend on a card. We don’t just like puppies, we LOVE puppies, and we wanted to include them all.

4. The FUN:

You simply have to tear open a deck and hand out the cards and we guarantee you’ll have a good time, every time. We have played this game over and over and over and we still love it. It is never the same because each person acts each task out differently and each variation seems funnier than the next. The replay-ability factor of this game is very high! The Partying Puppies game is so much fun and plays so different each time that we know, we absolutely know, you are going to love it!


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