Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Parte Conmigo Corto – Leave With Me Short Film

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Young enthusiasts eager to make movies and being able to see the finished project.

The Story

Marcos is a young musician that has just lost his girlfriend Monica. Because of that, he decides to start a journey in which surprisingly he’ll meet with her and will need to make an important decision.

Part stops me and reminds us that we all step , that nothing is worth more than life . And worth getting up in difficult times .

Director’s Letter

In 2007 I lost my boyfriend in a sea accident. I went into denial and did not understand why a person died so young and so from one day to another. Every day, I thought I smelt his perfume in the air, I was seeing his gaze on people… Me neither was warned that the cost of the good moments was missing them.


I realized that we do not have to delete or edit the past, because it is the biggest teacher we have. Today I remind you that we are all just passing by in this life and that nothing is worth more than life, so we must learn to love it.

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