Friday 17 August 2018
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PALISADES VIRTUOSI – New American Masters, Volume 6

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Palisades Virtuosi is passionately committed to bringing their amazing library of newly-commissioned works to music lovers everywhere!

Palisades Virtuosi has been passionately committed to the creation of new music for flute, clarinet and piano since 2003. Palisades Virtuosi was formed in 2002 by three friends who just loved to make music together. We quickly discovered that there was not much repertoire available for our instrumentation (flute, clarinet & piano) and decided that since we knew lots of composers, the best way to remedy the situation was to begin commissioning music ourselves. And so, in 2003 our “Mission to Commission”(R) was born. We had no idea how quickly it would take off! Along with commissioning works at the rapid pace of 4 each season, we received pieces as gifts from several composers, and also received transcriptions of existing works from other composers who were enthusiastic about our commissioning projects and wanted to be a part of it.  In just 13 years we have created an amazing library of 75 new works with the help of publicly funded grants and individual contributions. (That’s 75!!)

The Palisades Virtuosi, consisting of flutist Margaret Swinchoski, clarinetist Donald Mokrynskiand pianist Ron Levy, is a 501 (c)(3) organization established to promote and enrich the repertoire for flute, clarinet and piano and present concerts that include existing and newly-commissioned repertoire for this configuration (each of their concerts includes a work commissioned by the ensemble), supplemented by solos, duos and larger works featuring guest artists.

Volumes One, Two, Three, Four and Five of their New American Masters CD series are available from Albany Records. Visit them at

Palisades Virtuosi champions new music not only by well-known composers but also by up and coming voices in the new music world.  On this CD we feature works by Adrienne Albert,Matthew Baier, Gary William Friedman, Ting Ho, Linda MarcelGary Schocker and Jeffrey Scott.  During each of the 4 weeks we will present a short video (longer versions for backers!) describing each of the composers and the works we plan to record.

WITHOUT your support these newly created works will be heard only by a few: WITH your support they can be heard by all. We will not achieve our goals without your support.
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Dubbed “The Commissioners” by Chamber Music America magazine, Palisades Virtuosi has established an enviable presence in the chamber music world since its inception thirteen years ago. The founders are three friends, all who had hitherto enjoyed considerable success as individual performers, and who also shared a love of ensemble playing. After performing a few concerts together as a trio, they discovered that they had virtually exhausted the existing repertoire for flute, clarinet and piano.
In the midst of gathering frustration an idea presented itself: why not begin commissioning new works [by American composers] for their instrumental configuration? The concept was enthusiastically embraced and implemented. Now, to date, PV’s portfolio boasts nearly seventy-five new pieces, acquired either directly through PV’s “Mission to Commission”, or by a work being gifted to PV by several and various composers. View Full Bio
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