Friday 17 August 2018
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Inserting Abisay Puentes’ Music in his paintings

Hello, my name is Abisay Puentes. I am a visual artist and composer. I compose sound tracks for my paintings. That music is the inside sound of every feeling materialized in my series of paintings. With music I make my painting reach a different dimension. I am seeking uplifting the public experience as they contemplate my work. When people see my music and hear my painting, their audio-visual perception is maximized. Each of my paintings is like a measure in the musical score of a great musical master peace. Visually each painting reveals his own sound, in real life music has no visual form; but when I paint it, we can see it in its visual expression. Meaning, we can see my music, as each painting reveals its morphology.

As a child, my mother wanted me to be a pianist, but I wanted to be a painter. Thanks to that I’m capable of painting and also compose music for my works. It always struck me that some artists express their audio experiences with his painting. As was the case of Kandinsky and Klee; also the composer Arnold Schoenberg impressed me in addition to composing music, he painted too. So, I always had the dream being able to hear my paintings. But I never dared to compose music to my paintings because I had no resources to achieve my dream. I didn’t know how to compose on a computer either. So I put my dream on hold, because it was too difficult to figure it out at that time.

This Project will not only benefit my work, but I will be able to share it with other artists who have the same passion for the artistic creation process, to shape and structure their work using more than just one way for the creation of their art. And that’s my long-term goal: Helping other artist just like Professor Guerrero helped me.

And this is where I call for your help. To insert my music in my paintings, I need to convert my paintings to installations. That requires materials and technology that are out of my reach right now. Because I believe in my art. I have taken the first step to create this Kickstarter proposal and I know with your support I will finish my project.

I want this to be impregnated in the mind of people seeing my work. Therefore, I need high-quality headphones to give the public the best possible experience. Also the frames for my first exhibition, I want them to be made by a company specialized in museum quality frames. Looking to save time and improve the quality of the final work.

With your support, every one of my paintings will be completed with their own music. To everyone who help me in this endeavor, I will recognize their support for my art by sending gifts according tom their level of support, and I will be eternally grateful to you.

Most people want to be part of a great project; and I would love you to be part of my project by giving me your support. When you go to one of my shows and see my paintings and hear my music, I want you to feel as proud for empower me to create my art. Now please go and select the category that best fits your interest and I will personally show my appreciation by giving you what you have decided to be the best option for you. I deeply appreciate your consideration and support to accomplish my project. Thank you!

About Project Creator:

Abisay Puentes

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Abisay Puentes, a Cuban artist making his paintings transcend the two-dimensional space by creating sound to his paintings. The format of that sound is a composed symphonic piece for each painting. This way people can hear his painting and see his music. His synesthetic art aims to captivate the senses of the public through his artistic symbolism. art gallery

​Born in Cuba (1974) At an early age he became passionate about painting. His mother wanted him to become a musician and enrolled him in piano lessons. As a teenager he tried to study in the academy of art San Alejandro at La Habana, but unfortunately he failed to pass the drawing exams to become a student of the prestigious academy of art. He kept studying on his own, until he encountered a professor of art philosophy and history, Juan Enrique Guerrero. This teacher instructed Abisay on how to elaborate a piece of work pictorially, musically and poetically by making him feel that in each visual artist there is a musician and a poet as well. That all these things tie together to convey a successful and powerful message.

In the summer of 2010 Abisay comes to the United States as a political refugee, he is currently living in the city of Syracuse, New York State where he continues painting and pursuing his dream as an artist .

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