Tuesday 14 August 2018
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Organic Vegan Wellness from the Inside Out 

Katie’s Essentials is a business with a conscience. Its founder, Katie Eales first originated the idea of revolutionary beauty products that are organic, vegan and gluten free in a way that lends a helping hand to the environment and the planet. Preserving the natural beauty and strength of organic products, Katie has tapped the healing power of nature to bring essential beauty remedies to a wider audience. For this, she needs to grow her business and seeks funding on Kickstarter. Organic, vegan and 100% natural–Katie’s Essentials is a positive step for the beauty and cosmetic industry. Welcoming organic wellness from the inside out, Katie has worked to bring 17 amazing beauty products to a wider market since 2014. Will 2017 mark an even bigger milestone for her? That is her promise to those looking for ethical beauty products. Help Katie to keep her promise and secure the funds she needs for bringing this eco-friendly and organic beauty product line to us all.
If you want to support this project, Check out the below link:

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