Thursday 16 August 2018
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Oliver Newton Watches

The watch, with its classic and timeless model, treated to the finest part, is characterised by meticulous details:

• Engraving of Oliver Newton & Co. logo on the inner ring;
• Classy decoration on the case back that resemble the skeletonisation;
• Buckle treatment: satin on the front and shiny on the sides;
• Serigraphy of the brand logo on the inside of the glass.

For its 200mt water resistance, CORIUM is also endowed with a silicone strap that allows the immersion of the watch while preserving intact the leather strap. With this model, Classic and available in both Black and White, or the PHANTOM, gifted with a pierced dial in the centre that allows a sneak peak of the mechanism, and LIMITED, that represents a refined variant of coordinated strap and dial made of three overlapping layers of three different leather colours: a black base, an intermediate red layer finally closing with a white upper layer.
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