Friday 17 August 2018
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Old Drill Hall in Worksop, needs revitalizing

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The Old Drill Hall in Worksop

KeyHands Club International and Bible4health Missions founder Mr. Paul Mambwe and family and friends, Llyod Mafu and Barrington Murray—-have taken on the feat of revitalizing and facelifting the Old Drill Hall formerly known as Worksop Boys & Teens Club Hall in Worksop, Nottinghamshire in United Kingdom which was abandoned in 2003 and left to be vandalized by thieves, drug addicts and criminal, and became a home of crime and a damping area in the midst of Worksop residual area.

In 2011 the building was later auctioned by the council and sold to a private bidder who late became bankruptcy.

No work was done by the new owner the building became an health and safety hazard to the surrounding community therefore the council had listed it for demolition.

KeyHands Club International and Bible4health Missions who where then, already running “Shoes and Boots for Africa Project” from homes where looking for building to house the project, the project had grown with more that 500 pairs donated for the project every month. After consulting with the council regard office/storage accommodation for the project we where directed to see the person who had bought the Old Drill Hall.

Old Drill Hall – Your comfort, safety and security on your event, special occasion, party, wedding, training, seminars, workshops, presentations, conference and many more is our goal. We have created a venue for all occasions and events with all modern facilities, including indoors sports, games, WiFi, shop and kitchen that you can think of as best place in Worksop to hold your special occasion, event, meeting, training, wedding or parties. We offer services for any occasion, indoor sports, contest, competitions and many more, for all budgets. When you plan your event, special occasion, party, wedding sports games or exhibition, consider us.

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