Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Since trying to get back into the sport I love I’ve found many limitations, some of which surround my injuries but others to do with the design of cycles on the market but also their exorbitant price. When this project succeeds not only will it address some of these issues for me personally but others in a similar situation the world over.

About Project Creator:

Daniel Sonnabend

My name is Dan, this year I’ll make it to the milestone age of 40. Milestone more so for me as in 2011 I spent my 36th birthday in a coma and for a while it wasn’t known it I would make it to the next. Not only my 2 degree’s or my new line of work are suitable for me anymore but this project is something that not only can I be passionate about but if it really succeeds it may even supplement my income or give me a line of employment. So being hit by a 4×4 has put an end to my mountain bike racing as an able bodied athlete but it hasn’t ended my will to succeed and my passion for being in our wonderful West Australian bush with the freedom and feeling the wind on my face just now on a handcycle that I’ve made a reality.


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