Wednesday 18 July 2018
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NimbinVap Project 4.3

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NimbinVap Project 4.3 The swiss knife but for Aromatherapy with 17 Function modes in one device.

NimbinVap Company designers and manufactures of the most versatile vaporizer multitool for herbal users. The perfect back up device for vape or smoke herbals.


Build the best backup device for people who like to be prepare anywhere anytime.


Designed for soft flames for enjoy a 100% organic experience

Nimbinvap is the unique vaporizer with a vape system designed for soft flames for enjoy a 100% organic experience using hemp wick as energy source being friendly with your lungs and with our planet since the system doesen´t need rechargeable batteries. The difference between using butane lighters versus hemp wick is pretty significant. With hemp wick, you burn a cleaner flame without that acrid smell. The hemp wick is made with only two all-natural ingredients: pharmaceutical-grade beeswax and organic hemp. So it´s almost 100% organic meaning it is guaranteed to be over 99.9% pure. We believe that vaporizing with hemp products are the way of the future. They are inexpensive, durable and even good for the environment — something we know you appreciate.

Nimbinvap it´s extreme responsible in terms of safety since as vape it´s completely safe for child’s since the vape system was calculated for an airflow suction of an adult vs the traditional vapes that can be activated only using a simple button. Nimbinvap as convection vape requires 50 seconds heating with hemp-wick and using your mouth for suction the airflow across the dry herbs for start the vape session. Easy technique for an adult but complicated for a child.


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