Wednesday 20 June 2018
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The NaviCard application guides you to your destination using photographs!


How does it work?

Digital photos created with smartphone devices contain the geographical coordinates where the picture was taken. The NaviCard app reads these coordinates from the metadata of the photo and uses them for setting destinations to navigation.

The coordinates of the location where printed photos were taken are placed next to the image in printed form. This is read by the camera of the smartphone when pointing the device at the image. A small, narrow bar code is used to store the coordinates, which takes up little space and is not conspicuous. The same code is also used for images displayed on any web page. As a result, destinations can be entered into the smartphone navigation from the screen.

The NaviCard is a standard business card sized card containing a photo and text information of the location, which is in addition capable of setting destinations into navigation devices. This card is an excellent solution for the global promotion of photo based navigation as it can be produced anywhere in the world at a low cost. Our project has been named NaviCard after this card.

NaviCard is a compact information card. NaviCard contains the most important information related to a location. Consider this as the business card of a location. For example, the NaviCard card of a museum contains the opening times, the entrance fee, as well as what you can see in the museum. You can also see a photo of the museum building on the NaviCard card. The NaviCard automatically sets the destination into your smartphone device, once you decide that you wish to visit.

Currently, you can use the NaviCard card, digital photos and other “NavAnything” items with smartphones and tablets. You can also use iOS and Android devices. You can find the list of compatible iOS devices in the App Store. Minimum requirements: iPhone 3GS or later and iOS 6 or later. If you have an Android mobile, you can find information on Google Play. Just search for “NaviCard” to open the NaviCard app download location. At this time, the NaviCard app does not work with Blackberry, Windows Phone, or Palm phones.

The NaviCard cards are volume printed in a printing press. You can also print individual pieces or lower volumes at home using a simple desktop printer. They will work just as reliably as the ones created in the printing press.


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